The Discovery Education Streaming website provides resources to over 1 million educators in 60,000 school districts. The video library consists of more than 10,000 full-length videos with over 75,000 video segments.

All video content is aligned to student standards and have been shown to engage K-12 students by enhancing lessons with images, sound effects, articles, and speeches. Closed-captioned videos are accessible for special needs students.

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Class Manager Overview
Homework Help, Games, Interactives, and WebMath
List of Past and Present Webinars

Classroom Resources

Discovery Atlas
This is an interactive map provides thousands of videos that show off the wonders of countries ranging from Australia to Zimbabwe. Zoom in to each country and learn about its culture, government, history, and environment.
Lesson Plan Library
This is a set of lesson plans, organized by subject.
K-5 Lesson Plan
K-5 Lesson Plans searchable by subject.
Ready Classroom
Emergency Preparedness resources by grade/state.
Curiosity in the Classroom
Partnership between Discovery Education and Intel. Teacher Resources for various topics.
Waste Management -- Think Green
Partnership between Discovery Education and Waste Management. Teacher Resources for learning about the environment.
Discovery Ed. Classroom Resources on Facebook
Follow Discovery Education on Facebook and find out the latest and greatest.
Transforming Classrooms
Resources covering all grade and curriculum areas.
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel with video resources.
Toyota Teen Driver
Driving skills interactives/resources.
Science of Everyday Life
Science resources for all grade levels.
Global Education Partnership
Resources/learning centers from around the world.
Solve math problems online.
Student Adventures
Enroll for adventures to different places.
Siemens Challenge
Environmental competition for grades K-12.
Explore the Blue
Discover the world of fishing.